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First FS Appointment

Our first appointment with a fertility specialist, Dr Sonneveld.  We explain what we wanted to do, and he explained that DH’s sperm was probably still viable – just that he couldn’t simply have a vasectomy reversed as if that was done he body would probably develop antibodies against his sperm.  Dr S had Scot disrobe from the waist down (and DH repeatedly said ‘I wasn’t expecting THIS’ – I thought it was rather funny).  The doctor’s verdict was that it was very likely DH’s sperm was just fine, so through IVF we could probably have a child that was biologically both of ours.  He discussed the process in brief, the associated success rates, risks, etc. and told us to think about it.  DH piped in immediately to say we wanted to go ahead and didn’t need to think about it any more.  So we were given a bad photocopy of information for TasIVF and told to make a phone call to them to arrange a consent meeting.  He gave me a prescription for Synarel Nasal Spray which he told me I’d start on day 21 of my cycle.  And that the IVF Unit would give us more information.  I phoned from the car on the way back to our offices and got an appointment with the IVF Unit for 3 August – the next week.  We were tempted to start the Synarel on Saturday as that would have been about the right time in my cycle, but decided to wait until we’d spoken to the IVF Unit.

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