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Progress Scan at Dr Sonneveld’s Rooms

The scan showed on the left ovary I had 1 follicle 20m and a couple others in the 17 – 18 mm range.  However the right ovary had several follicles around 14 mm.  As the injections make the follicles grow approximately 2 mm per day, Dr S decided I should continue with the injections for 2 more days (today and tomorrow), then Wednesday morning is the last dose of Synarel, and then at 8:15 pm Wednesday I would have to do the ‘trigger” injection.  The trigger causes the eggs to stop clinging to the sides of the follicles and to be floating in the liquid inside the follicles – all timed exactly so they are released into the liquid before the ovum pick up procedure but have not yet been released by the follicles into the fallopian tubes.

As we needed to pick up the trigger injection – and because I didn’t want to have to ‘shoot up’ in the loo at work, we went directly to TasIVF.  I had my little ‘lunch box’ (i.e. cooler bag for IVF drugs) with the stuff for my injections, and Emma was soon able to see us and explain about the trigger.  She said the needle is a bit larger and seems ‘blunt’ – oh joy.  She filled out all the instructions for us while I did that morning’s injection.  Then off to work as if I hadn’t just done a very bizarre thing, i.e. give myself an injection.

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