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1st Trigger Injection

A little after 8 pm I went upstairs with my IVF ‘lunchbox’; DH followed soon after.  His son probably wondered what we were doing!  At 8:14 pm I started preparing and swabbing, then removed the bubbles from the pre-loaded syringe and tried to inject – it really didn’t want to go in!  Once I did get it in, I pressed the plunger slowly as I’d been instructed to do (as it’s a stingy injection).  Then, after waiting 5 seconds, I tried to remove it.  It was just as reluctant to come out as to go in. Arrgghhhh!!!  But at lease it was finally over – all the injections done.  I hadn’t been looking forward to this one at all (not that I looked forward to any of them), especially as Emma said the needle was a bit ‘blunt’ (which it certainly seemed to be).  I’d downloaded information from the internet ongiving this injection and stressedover it for days – even the night before I wished I could just do it and get it over with!

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