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1st Ovum Pick Up

We woke up very early (5 am) so we could both shower.  As I had to fast, and Scott was too just in case, we were actually ready in plenty of time.  DH drove us down to our normal car parking spot at Princess Shed 2, where there was limited parking because a cruise ship was due in.  But at 6 am on a Friday we had no problems.

I felt a bit nervous, so kept asking DH to make silly bets with me – how many eggs we’d get, how many eggs would fertilise, how many people would be in the operating theatre during the procedure, etc.  We saw Ruth as we were approaching St Helens from the Davey Street entry, but obviously staff can go through secret passages rather than taking the Scary Elevator (with an inspection certificate from November 1990) as she beat us to the IVF Unit.

Ruth showed me to my bed – #3 – and I had to undress and had a hospital gown and robe to put on.  Ruth came and asked me questions about allergies, prosthetics, check jewelry was either taken off or taped, etc.  Then the CNM came and double checked everything.  I was given a brekkie order to complete.  The scientist – Sarah – dropped by to introduce herself.  I misheard her and though she said ‘Sierra’. I almost commented that we’d been in the Sierra Mountains a few months before.  Sooo glad I didn’t!  But at least I amused DH when I told him after.  The anesthesiologist came through to ask lots of question and introduce himself, then all there was to do was wait!

Eventually Ruth came to get me, and DH and I followed the bed down the corridor to the operating theatre – opposite where you get out of the lift.  We went into a waiting room for the final waiting; I was given a warm blanket.  Then after a little while Ruth came and lead us into the operating theatre.  This was my first ever operation, so I was quite nervous.  It was nice that DH was there; and Ruth looked into my eyes and talked to my while the anesthatist put the cannula in.  Soon I didn’t know what was happening. . .

I woke up in the recovery area – with a view to Mt Wellington.  I was told they got 8 eggs; the nurse wrote it on the back of my right hand.  Apparently DH was off with Dr Sonneveld having his testicular biopsy.  Soon the cannula was out, then they wheeled me back to the room where I had breakfast.  Eventually DH returned, and a while later we were cleared to leave.  DH walked down to Salamanca to retrieve the car while I checked out with reception.  While I was waiting for him on Macquarie Street, I suddenly felt dizzy, cold, and could feel blood coming ‘down there’.  I just got into the car quickly when Scott arrived.  Soon we were home and spent the day napping and recovering.

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