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1st Embryo Transfer

Arrived for the embryo transfer.  First we went in with Ruth and found that of after 8 eggs were collected at OPU, 3 fertilised with ICSI.  1 was going to be transferred and 2 were frozen. I was surprised and dismayed to find there were more injections!  This time it was Pregnyl – luteal phase support.  Dosage was 1000 IU.  This wasn’t a pre-prepared injection; one has to mix 2 ampoules of powder with 1 ampoule of water.  Ruth gave me the first injection (it STUNG!).  The other injections were to be done on the 5th, 8th, and 11th of October.  I was also given a pregnancy test and a form for Hobart Pathology to be used in case the pregnancy test was positive.  I was also surprised to learn that I had to start eating as if I was pregnant; I had no idea what this meant!  Ruth explained a few things like no deli meats or poached eggs.  We were given stickers with my info on them, then went back to the waiting room

It didn’t take Dr Sonneveld long to call us in.  I disrobed from the waist down, he put a speculum into me and gave me a swab.  The nurse grabbed the stickers with my info and confirmed who I was.  Then they showed the embryo on a TV screen.  The embryo was then brought in in a thin plastic tube.  This was inserted into me, then it was all over.  I felt VERY strange getting up, leaning over to put on shoes, etc.  But now the worst part of the process started: the waiting.

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