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Waiting and Wondering

So now that I have the go-ahead to do a flare cycle and the drugs necessary to do it, I’m waiting eagerly for my period so I can get on with things!  Yet another one of those great IVF contradictions.  When else would I be looking forward to the dreaded AF? In ‘normal’ life it’s an unpleasant inconvenience; at the end of an IVF cycle it’s a dreaded stab in the heart.

I think I ovulated 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been spotting a bit.  Which brings me to the ‘wondering’ part of the title: when can I declare it my period instead of just spotting?  And if I jump the gun, will I mess things up?  Will I get any eggs at OPU if I start snorting the Synarel too soon?  Will I get some, but not many – so basically waste the cycle with all its drugs, time, expense, and heartache all for nought?  And most of all, will my brain melt with all the spinning out it’s doing?  Actually, I can’t see that happening.  I certainly give it lots of practise at spinning out!

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