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They All Want My Blood. And Autograph.

IVF isn’t just about having bragging rights for giving yourself injections; it’s also a lot of paperwork.  When I went into the TasIVF unit to pick up my drugs from Janette I also had the usual forms to complete – Medicare forms for the drugs, initialing that I’d want 2 embryos transferred, signing the medication instructions sheet – and several to take home.  The ‘homework’ needed my DH’s signature as well (Consent Form for the Freezing, Thawing, and Transfer of Embryos, Consent Form for ICSI and Embryo Transfer, and Consent Form for the Acceptance of Increased Risk with Multiple Embryo Transfer).  Now we’d signed all these less than a year ago, however we’d signed the last version of the forms and needed the correct versions signed.  Whatever.

Regarding the last form, for multiple embryo transfer, I’d just like to say we only have 2 embryos transferred each time.  That’s the most TasIVF will transfer, and they only do that after a few cycles when it’s obvious you’re not some IVF goddess whose every embryo equates to a live birth.  This isn’t the US where they seem to transfer a billion embryos each time (if newspapers can be believed – won’t go there! 🙂  ).

I should have known it would happen, but yesterday I received some pathology requests from Janette as well; she hadn’t realised we’d need them when I’d visited.  Seriously, I could have sworn we’d done all these not so long ago.  These are the ‘pre-screening’ tests, and I suspect they’re mainly about making certain our bodily fluids won’t harm the TasIVF staff, which is fair enough.  Both DH and I will be tested for Hep B & C and HIV 1 & 2; in addition I’ll be tested for Blood Group, Rubella, CMV, Toxoplasmosis, Varicella,  and Syphilis.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE having anything in my blood vessels?  I hate blood tests; I loath cannulae.  So imagine my joy at needing to do more blood tests! Especially as I have blood tests ordered by my obstetrician that still need to be done.  These I was told not to do before 6 weeks after the miscarriage, which was yesterday.  So we arrived at Hobart Pathology in Moonah a little after 8 am to have them done.  However we found out that they were blood tests that have to be sent away for processing, and can only be done Monday – Thursday mornings at Sandy Bay.  So instead of finally getting the tests over and one with, I have to wait until Monday.  And the tests ordered by my obstetrician are through Hobart Pathology; the tests for TasIVF are through Gribbles Pathology.  So that means going through it twice rather than just having multiple vails taken at the one time.  At least I can get the Gribbles tests over and done today.

For the record, I realise my aversion to blood tests, etc is unreasonable.  I’ve never had anyone taking blood miss, screw up, or even cause pain.  It’s just my brain that hates it.

Also for the record, the tests ordered by my obstrician are: protein C, protein S, AT 3, Anticardiolipin antibodies, LAC, Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin G20210A mutation MTHFR C677T mutation, MTHFR C677T mutation, and Karyotyping.  DH is just having Karyotyping.  Except for the karyotyping, apparently they’re all testing for various blood clotting problems – just fishing for a reason for the miscarriage.  I really would like to know why my boy died and hopefully be able to prevent it happening again if lightning strikes and I fall pregnant again.

Also for the record and in reference to yesterday’s ‘Waiting and Wondering’ post, I did start taking Synarel yesterday.  Tonight I shoot up for the first time this cycle.

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