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Blood and Tears

Everyone seems to want my blood (according to the pathology requests I have), but I’ve been having some issues getting them to actually take it.  On Friday we went to Hobart Pathology in Moonah to have the bloods our obstetrician ordered done.  However we found out that the tests I needed done can only be done at their Sandy Bay branch and must be done in the morning, Mon – Thurs, so they can be couriered off.  Then on Saturday we tried going to the Gribbles Pathology branch at Rosny so we could have the bloods for TasIVF done.  However, despite the branch opening times listed on the verso of the pathology form saying otherwise, they were closed.  I just want to get all this blood stealing done and over with!

Anyway, I was finally able to get to Hobart Pathology at Sandy Bay this morning, and 12 vials of my blood were stolen.  It was a lot; I was getting cold and sweaty and faint by the end.  (No, I’m not brave at all about blood being taken.  Not. At. All.)  they weren’t joking about the samples having to be couriered off; they’d called the courier before my vampire even was finished taking the blood.  Originally I wanted to stop at Gribbles too to get all the blood letting done at once, but I wasn’t certain I’d have enough blood – and I was certain I’d had enough of blood being stolen.  So that remains for tomorrow.

Today I attempted to go to work for the first time since my miscarriage.  It didn’t go so well.  I left in a blubbering heap in the middle of the day.  Not that there was anything wrong with work per se; it was me.  My co-workers were wonderful.  I know it would be difficult for me if I were in their position, but they did a great job of just acting friendly but normal.  I was the one that wasn’t normal.  So I phoned DH, whoc picked me up, got me yummy food from Jackman & McCross, and stayed home with me.  But he’s already pushing me about whether I’m going to try to go in tomorrow.  I know I have to decide what to do, but it’s hard.

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