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Feelin’ Feverish

No post yesterday, and only a very short one today, due to illness.  Yesterday I couldn’t even sit up – I had a headache, fever, and vomiting.  Today I still have the headache and fever, but luckily not the vomiting.

I feel really bad as I didn’t even contact work yesterday, and after bursting into tears and leaving on Monday they probably have me pegged as certifiable.  So I’ve just emailed my manager to let him know what’s up.  He’s offered to let me start coming in a little bit each day if it would help – or to delay coming back.  I think coming in a bit each day is better.  If I delay going back, I think I’d just be delaying dealing with going back.  Anyway, I’m obviously feverish and not making sense, so back to bed!

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