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Just Another Day on the Roller Coaster

Well, it’s just another day on the IVF roller coaster.  I’ve been injecting Gonal-F (600 iu) for a week and taking Synarel for a week and a day.  This cycle I’m also taking low dose aspirin; I started it on Wednesday after I thought I’d had the last of the bloods taken.  (Thursday arvo I got a phone call from the nice vampire at Gribbles saying I had to come back as she needed to re-do the blood group one.  Which was especially annoying as I’m sure TasIVF already has my blood group from previous tests!)

I’m feeling quite fragile.  It’s been such a stressful week for me, and I guess adding the IVF drugs to the miscarriage upset isn’t helping.  I really hope this cycle works.  I want every cycle to work, but I really need some happiness.  In the forum, the first TWWers of 2010 are getting close to their test dates, and it’s getting exciting.  One has already POAS and gotten double lines!  What I’d like is some freak of statistics and for everyone in the forum this year to fall pregnant!!

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