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2nd Scan: Follicle Failure

I had my second scan this morning.  He only measured 3 follicles, and none of them were very large.  I think the biggest was 13 mm.  He wants to scan me again on Friday as he thinks Monday’s a bit long to wait.

So I picked up more drugs from Tania, we signed our new set of consent forms, and then we made an appointment for Friday.  At the nurses’ station while making the appointment other nurses came up to me to tell me how devastated they were to hear about my miscarriage, so of course I just lost it and started blubbering like an idiot right there.

What am idiot I am.  I have no control over my tear ducts.  I’m broken.  And it looks very like this cycle is going to be a complete failure.  I’m in so much pain I just don’t want to exist.

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