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3rd Scan: All Go for Tuesday

Bill only scanned 4 follicles: 18, 16, 14, 13. So I don’t think this cycle looks hopeful at all.  I just can’t express how upset I am.  I can’t help thinking that I wish this would all stop and I could just have my boy back.  He was perfect and he’s all I want.

I did ask if we’d be able to try with our 1 frozen embryo if we only got 1 fresh embryo or had none.  She checked with Bill and confirmed that if I don’t get an embryo, they can do a thaw.  I hope they’ll also thaw if I only get 1 in an attempt to have 2 to transfer.

We don’t know if DH will need a biopsy or not; last cycle – for the first time ever for us – they were able to freeze some sperm.  But of course we don’t know what they’ll be like after the thaw.  So we have to plan as if he is having a biopsy under a general and wait until Tuesday to see if he’s let off the hook.

The up side to the OPU being Tuesday is that the trigger injection will be Sunday night – not Saturday night in the middle of dinner out with friends!

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