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Finding My Sisters; They Were There All Along

I’ve mentioned the forum where a number of Bill’s patients get together and chat.  Knowing there are these other people going through this and getting to know them, even if only online, has made the waiting room at TasIVF a different experience for me.  I used to not look at anyone – mainly as I assumed they were all fertility goddesses that immediately fell pregnant leaving only me behind as the infertile one.  And of course because I knew nothing about them I assumed they were all dealing with things better than I am.

But guess what: they are just like me.  Which is rather awful for them.  They have the same fears, doubts, and inability to stop going to the loo during the TWW that I do.  They are my sisters.  So now in the waiting room I sort of eagerly but tentatively look around.  I see real people; sometimes I even see tears being held back.  I haven’t seen anyone from the forum, but maybe one day.

Which brings me to a bit of silliness.  Yesterday when we were leaving TasIVF and DH reminded me to take off the blue booties we have to put over our shoes, I saved one.  He was VERY curious, but I wouldn’t tell him why I wanted it.  And what did I use it for?  I made a rose / corsage with it.  I photographed it, first on the floor (which was difficult as Lottie is convinced anything put onto the floor is a toy for her), then with Lottie wearing it (she’s such a great model).  I posted links to the photos in the forum, jokingly suggesting that we should all wear them in the waiting room as a way of identifying each other.  What could be more fun than a little public humiliation?  Here are the photos:
Blue Bootie Rose Lottie Modelling the Blue Bootie Rose

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