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OPU #11: 3 Ovum

I keep hovering between being happy that Bill got 3 eggs this morning at the ovum pick up and being upset that Bill only got 3 eggs this morning at the ovum pick up.  It’s an all time low for me by a long shot, however as I was bracing myself for the possibility of his not getting any eggs, 3 isn’t horrible.

DH had the joy of not having to have a biopsy this morning.  He had to prepare as if he would, but I went into theatre first so he could come with me and if he had to go he would have been last through.  He even got to the stage of being in the little waiting room with the warm blanket on, but in the end his frozen leftovers from last time thawed just fine.  Me being the idiot of me, part of me is happy he didn’t have to go through it and part of me worries that fresh is better than frozen.

Embryo transfer will be Friday instead of Thursday as Bill’s up north.  Which means longer to wait to see if we have embryos to transfer.  And if we don’t, the frostie won’t be able to be transferred as it’s a day 2 embryo.

But who knows; maybe miracles do happen.  It was a beautiful dawn at 6 o’clock this morning as we drove into the city.  The sky was almost cloudless, but it was a golden dawn illuminating the still waters of the Derwent.  A beautiful day to be conceived; why didn’t I have a camera with me?  We parked at the usual spot (that way if DH had to have a general we could leave the car and get a taxi) and walked through St David’s Park.  The light on the Organ Pipes was beautiful.  We got to St Helen’s about 6.20, and there was another ‘victim’ trying to get in the doors too.  I hope it goes well for her.

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