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A Day in Bed

The day has only just begun, and I can already tell my bed will have a staring role.  I’m much achier than yesterday.  Yesterday the anesthetist had told the nurses to give me something in my cannulae for pain – usually you just get Panadiene or Panadiene Forte.  Out of recovery and back in my room to eat I’d gotten really HOT (sweaty, sweaty and had to have all the covers off me) and nauseous briefly, so I was sort of wishing I’d only had the normal tablets instead of the pain protocol.  You should have seen me desperately trying to keep down my brekkie and doing my best to steady my legs on the way to the loo so the nurse would be convinced I was well enough t have the Wretched Cannulae taken out!  However I think it meant the pain was kept at bay most of the day; I felt no discomfort until the evening.

Anyway, all this sitting up to use the computer is a bit much.  I shall away to bed now.

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