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IVF Really DOES Take It Out of You

Yesterday I dragged my lazy bottom to the gym.  And realised how much IVF really does take out of you.  After my miscarriage, all I could do was cry and exercise.  I was a bit obsessed with getting healthier so that hopefully I could start a new (successful) IVF cycle soon.  I built up a bit of fitness, and as I did a lot of the same exercise I could measure improvement or at least know where I was.  So to go to the gym yesterday and see how much my fitness levels had decreased, after only a little time away during the IVF cycle, was rather shocking.  But also expected.  I’ve gained sooo much weight since starting IVF.  After each cycle, it is really a struggle to overcome the unfitness that comes over you, and when you’re upset and depressed from another failure it’s even harder.  However I’ll try to keep up the struggle.  Strangely enough I don’t feel like I have much will to live, however I do have the will to keep doing IVF.

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