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Making Some Changes

You don’t do IVF as long as us and with such little success and not make some changes to your lifestyle.  We don’t drink alcohol any more.  We now only drink organic water-method decaf coffee.  (I’d be happy to give up coffee entirely, but make this concession for my husband.)  We both take conception specific multivitamins (DH: Menevit; me: Blackmore’s Conceive Well Gold).  I try to cook healthy food – non-processed and organic where possible (although when exhausted I’ll have whatever my husband presents me with).  I try not to drink out of plastic and carry my water around in stainless steel bottles.  I try to excercise regularly.

Unfortunately IVF imposes its own changes to your life.  We don’t travel much at all any more – not even intrastate.  The drugs make me exhausted and grumpy.  The combination of the drugs, the physical impact, and the IVF-induced depression mean I’ve gained a billion kilos.  We hardly ever have dinner parties any more as we seem to always either be in our post-cycle depression or not wanting to schedule a party when we’re in the middle of a cycle – extracting injectable drugs from the fridge in the middle of dinner and excusing yourself’s a strange look, especially when you haven’t told many people you’re going through IVF.

I’m doing a few more of the me-imposed changes.  I think the main things I need to try to concentrate on are:

  • Deal with stress better
  • Sleep more
  • Exercise consistently
  • Eat smarter

These are in order of importance for me to work on.  I’m a complete stress case.  I have no idea how to relax.  My insomnia is out of control.  And I let my husband give my any excuse not to exercise or eat well.

I’ve also decided to go to a naturopath and see what she says.  An IVF friend has recommended one – there seem to be lots of dodgy ones around – so I’m making an appointment and will see what she has to say.  It’s not a very ‘me’ thing, but I am certainly well past the point of trying anything.  The cycle I conceived dear little Blobby I also had rather randomly tried acupuncture (actually for something else entirely – but the GP I went to happened to be an acupuncturist as well and asked if I’d like to try it), so I’m considering trying that as well.  The reason I am hesitating with that is I’m so over there being so many doctors involved with my life.  I guess I should just get off my bottom and do it.  But first, phone for an appointment with the naturopath. . .

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