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Even Our BFPs Are Unfair

It’s all unfair for infertiles.  Even our BFPs are unfair.  Recently one of the lovely women who is a part of the forum thread people with my FS participate in got the news that should make her so utterly happy, but it sounds like she’s reacting to her BFP like I reacted to mine.  It’s hard to believe, it’s hard to be anything but anxious, it’s hard to understand it might be permanent.  Which is just so unfair.  Infertiles, of all people, should be able to rejoice in the news.  But we’ve seen too much of the other side and been through too much.  We’ve become programmed for disappointment.

I hope she’s able to shake this off soon and feel truly happy.  If there’s anything I regret from my too-short pregnancy, it’s not feeling enough joy for my little bub.  He deserved all that a ‘normal’ baby should have had, but instead he had me as a mum – certain things wouldn’t work out despite how healthy I was told he was and, unfortunately, right in the end.

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