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Changes Update

Almost two weeks ago I wrote a post – Making Some Changes – where I noted some changes I’d like to make.  So I thought I would write a follow-up to keep myself honest.  The main things I said I wanted to do were:

  • Deal with stress better
  • Sleep more
  • Exercise consistently
  • Eat smarter

Deal with stress better I can’t say I’m really dealing with stress better, but I am making an effort.  I think when you’ve been so stressed for so long, you basically programme yourself to stress.  So I still get completely stressed out about everything in the world, but I try to talk myself down.  Of course it’s difficult for me to not create more stress for myself about being stressed (it’s only natural for me!), but I’m working on it.

Sleep more I don’t know that I’m actually getting more sleep.  I’m nocturnal by nature, so it’s hard for me to get to sleep at night.  But I’ve set some rules for myself to try to help.  My light needs to be out by 10:30 pm.  (This would normally be an early night for me.)  If I feel tired enough to sleep before then, I go to sleep instead of just staying up because my husband’s awake.  Sometimes it means I’m awake in bed for a long time, but sometimes I do fall asleep.  But quite bizarrely for me, I find lately that I wake up early in the morning.  Last weekend was a long weekend, and I was up and out of bed before 8 am each day.  This is almost unheard of!  I’m doing my best not to keep myself awake by stressing – which I’m very good at doing.  I time myself and read for 5 minutes to stop my mind from obsessing over things, then try to go back to sleep.  (I’ve been moving down to the spare bedroom if I need to do this so I don’t wake my husband.)  If what is keeping me awake is my husband’s snoring, I move down to the spare bedroom and try to get back to sleep before I wake up too much.  So again not great results, but I am trying to improve my sleep.  I’m hoping the next point will also help with this. . .

Exercise consistently About a week after my miscarriage – as soon as I could walk without too much pain – I started exercising and building up the exercise each day.  I was actually pleased with my progress, but then I had the failed IVF cycle and the physical and mental aftereffects soon meant I’d lost all the improvement I’d gained.  I was going to the staff gym occasionally, but not consistently enough, and bushwalking some weekends, but not enough.  So I’ve joined another gym that has classes.  I think the classes are a good idea for me at the moment as it forces you into a regime: you must exercise for the length of the class, your entire body, and keep your heart rate up.  It means leaving the house before 6 am, but I’m hoping I adjust.  And I’m hoping the exhaustion it creates helps me sleep more soundly.  I don’t know that I’ve been doing it long enough to be seeing any benefit yet, but I can certainly tell I’ve been working out my whole body from the aches and pains!  And the other day my arms were so sore I had to ask my husband to unhook my bra; when I go to the gym by myself, I tent to not work out my arms much at all.

Eat smarter The main progress I’ve made here it to educate my husband a bit more.  He knows nothing about nutrition, so I’m trying to explain the choices I make.  And to explain why I don’t want things he’s offering me.  He’s a big one for trying to give me what he considers comfort food if I’m upset or as a ‘reward’ for doing other things (like going to the gym).  He doesn’t realise that if he never offers me an ice cream, I won’t think to tempt myself with one.  But if he asks me if I’d like one, either I’ll be weak and say ‘yes’ or I’ll say ‘no’ and feel like I’m missing out.  He’s also a lovely man and will cook when he knows I’m fed up with life or too tired to do anything.  I’ve been explaining to him the difference between processed and non-processed foods, for example, so he doesn’t cook something I don’t really want but am too tired not to eat.  So I’m trying to help him understand what I’m eating (or not) and why.

Not a great deal of progress, but at least some.  After writing this post I feel better about my progress than I thought I would because although I might not be ‘perfect’, I am making an effort in each thing I wanted to change.  Gold stars all around!

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