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I Haven’t Forgotten Anything

I have to keep telling myself this today: I haven’t forgotten anything.  No, I wasn’t supposed to snort Synarel this morning.  No, there are no drugs to inject, snort, or swallow.  The day between the trigger injection and the ovum pick up always feels strangely empty like this.  I’m actually looking forward to having my low dose aspirin and conception vitamins tonight as it will feel like I’ve taken something; when you are so focused on taking drugs it’s difficult to suddenly have nothing to take.

So this time tomorrow I’ll be recovering from the anesthetic, hopefully have had my brekkie, and hopefully the nurse will have taken out the *#$!%^* cannula.  And I’ll know how many eggs were retrieved.  (Retrieved – as if I threw them away somewhere.)  As OPU is a Friday, I’ll have to wait an extra day to find out if there’s actually anything to transfer.  Great – an extra day.  Cuz all this waiting is the fun part.

The business part of cycle #12 is almost over; then just the blackout that is the TWW.

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