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Waiting for the Big #13

I saw my RE in his offices last week.  Usually after a failed cycle he’ll phone to talk about ‘the plan’ for the next cycle (not much of a plan; he never changes anything).  When stim cycle #11 produced no embryos, he phoned me from his car to tell me.  I could barely hear him, and he was just being chatty about the fat I’d waste more time, more money, more stress, and had no chance of a child.  So when stim cycle #12 produced yet another BFN I didn’t want a phone call from his car.  I had questions and wanted them answered.

So lucky me. last week I saw him in his offices.  And asked my questions.  I received answers to some.  For example, after the miscarriage and before stim cycle #11 I had all sorts of blood tests done.  And how did I hear about the results to them?  ‘The boys’ (My husband and the RE) chatted about them briefly while I was getting dressed after a scan.  So all I got was my husband’s summary, which was ‘there wasn’t anything’.  Sorry – I’d still like to hear about it myself.  So apparently I’m heterozygos for MTHFR.  Still doesn’t tell me much, but at least now I know.  Most other questions the RE talked around.  Do you know how much I’d like a straight answer from him just once?!

Anyway, so now I’m waiting for AF so I can start injections on Day 2.  This will be my 13th stim cycle.  It will be an antagonist cycle.  And I’m sure it will all come to nothing.

  1. 24/05/2010 at 11:49 am

    This guy seems like a jerk. You deserve someone who will listen to you, and who will offer you answers when there are some, and comfort when there aren’t.

    I’m thinking about you, wishing I could send you strawberry muffins. (I think by the time they get there, they’d be stale.)

  2. a
    24/05/2010 at 11:49 am

    Well, that sounds frustrating. Is there any chance you could find another doctor? I hope things can turn around, and this doctor has some better ideas.

  3. 26/05/2010 at 9:44 am

    Oh sweetie, how annoying. Why do they get to chat about it when *you’re* the one who really wants to know. I hope he suggests some course of action for the MTHFR. Ugh, why won’t he just go into detail and tell you some more information. I feel your pain on this one. Don’t doctors just think they know everything??
    Take care

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