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Stim Cycle #13

Well AF finally arrived, so I’ll be headed to the IVF Unit soon to pick up drugs.  Sigh. Stim cycle #13.  I have no hope it will work at all.

I’m feeling really ick physically – I have a nasty cold – but am in the office today as I have so much on.  But frustratingly enough others who should care more about this project than I do seem to be just random no-shows today.  Not that they’ve done much when they were earlier this week.  I’m only whingeing about this to say I’m sort of relieved.  Because it will probably work out that I go in for my ovum pick up when I’m scheduled to do training for this project.  Not that I would have postponed my OPU or sat out a cycle because of it, but certainly I would have felt a bit guilty about it.

But now – no guilt.  If you can’t prioritise your own project, I’m not going to feel guilty about prioritising my life above YOUR project!

For the record, this will be an antagonist protocol; never done that one before.

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