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That Was Odd; Lab Staff Have Voices?!

Just back from picking up my drugs (Gonal-F) from the IVF Unit.  Somehow I mentioned that Bill NEVER giving a straight answer about sperm/ egg/ embryo quality is insanely frustrating, and the nurse actually arranged for me to speak with the lab manager!  I had to wait a bit as she was looking up all the info from all my ovum pick ups, but I was of course happy to wait.  She said nothing specific has ever been mentioned to say my eggs are bad, i.e. there are no notes saying that as soon as they try to inject the egg it falls apart as happens with some people.  But either the egg quality isn’t good or my husband’s sperm and my eggs don’t make a very good embryo often.  It looks like Blobby was the best quality embryo we’ve had.  She can’t say we won’t get a good embryo, but it seems we’re less likely to than other couples.

So I’ve asked to speak to the donor coordinator.  Apparently we can go on the wait list for an ovum donor while we keep trying IVF.  (I was worried as I know that at some clinics you have to stop doing IVF if you ask to do on the donor wait list.)  This doesn’t guarantee we’ll find one, but we can pursue this option at least.  The donor coordinator wasn’t in but will give me a call next week.  She’s one of the nurses we of course already know; she’s really lovely.

  1. 04/06/2010 at 10:13 pm

    Well honey, this is good news, I think. I’m glad you were able to get more detailed info if it can get you closer to a chance of success. That’s great that you might be able to find a donor! I was hoping that might be an option for you.
    Thinking of you!!

  2. 05/06/2010 at 1:10 am

    I’m glad that you were able to get some information regarding your eggs. It’s so frustrating not to get the full picture!

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