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I Get to Pee on LH Tests

Today’s scan wasn’t very exciting.  I’m accustomed to fresh cycles, so it was a bit strange having a scan and having so few follicles.  Thanks to my left ovary trying to hide and Bill squashing it around so he could see it, the scan wasn’t any less uncomfortable than when I have lots of follicles either!  Nothing exciting in the scan; one follicle at 12 mm, so I’ll start peeing on LH tests Thursday.  I’m a bit worried because my lining was only 6.9; I hope it improves.  I don’t know if he’ll check again.

At my scan on Friday he said he’d try to remember which chemist in Launceston will do DHEA, but he’d forgotten.  So no DHEA script.  I asked him AGAIN about NK cells since he never answered that questions, and he said he’s going to a conference in October and would ask the lead guy doing research in it directly.  He went on and on about fads in treatment, I would counter that IVF has gotten where it is because different treatments were tried and some were found to be of benefit and others were found not to be but that I was more than happy to try anything that might help even if it wasn’t proven, etc etc.  He seems to think he’s ‘better’ than other clinician because he’ll only use something when it’s proven.  I said whatever, but that I would keep pushing with questions because I don’t think I’ll get anywhere if I don’t.  We went back and forth for quite a while; my husband’s eyes glazed over.  Anyway, nothing from him about NK cells or any other type of testing; just a lot of talk.  I’m going to try to get a phone consult with Dr Gavin Sacks and see what he has to say.

No donor news; he didn’t even mention it.  Figures.  I knew I shouldn’t get excited.  I wish I’d asked today but by this point I was rather annoyed at him.  (Well, more annoyed; I started off annoyed.)  He did say the one thing that’s most likely to make a difference for me is donor eggs.  This didn’t remind me to ask about the possible donor because all I could think was that me getting on the donor list wasn’t even his suggestion; I’m only on it because I was poking the nurses and the lab manager with questions.  It was the lab manager who suggested I get on the donor list.  I would really like to smack him over the head.  Which something big and heavy.

The only spot of levity in the appointment was Bill and the nurses finding out LH testing was the one thing they do regularly I’ve never done.  I didn’t find it that amusing; the reason I’ve never done it is because my fertilisation rate and embryos are crap so I’ve done few FET cycles.  Grrh!  From Thursday I get to pee on LH tests.  Oh boy!

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  1. a
    28/09/2010 at 12:48 pm

    Well, that’s the kind of doctor who would make me pretty angry. Good luck with your lining…

  2. 28/09/2010 at 11:45 pm

    your dr sounds just like mine. I want to smack mine over the head with something heavy too. Ugh so infuriating.

  3. thecrazycatwoman
    29/09/2010 at 8:59 am

    Please don’t smack him over the head until Tuesday. I need him to do my egg pick up on Friday and transfer on Monday!

    Pee tests are not as fun as they sound. In fact I think they’re just another way of causing stress and reinforcing your suspicion that there’s some terrible and undiagnosable thing wrong with your body. I never get a strong second line, which causes all kinds of angst and uncertainty and is clear proof that I am infertile freak.

    I would so love to be able to give you my eggs, if only I didn’t need them myself, and if only we knew that they were actually OK! It’s ironic isn’t it, the people who are most likely to be willing to help (ie other infertiles) are the ones who are completely unable to.

    I hope your lining thickens up.


  4. 29/09/2010 at 9:57 am

    So frustrated for you, but just keep strong and keep pushing, hopefully you’ll get somewhere soon.

  5. Bec
    29/09/2010 at 7:01 pm

    Good luck! At least you get to escape a few extra needles, right?
    And I think this must be a syndrome with IVF docs – I have often thought that maybe they are just so busy that they treat you like a piece of machinery on a production line. It’s no excuse, but maybe an explanation. And couple that with understandably highly-strung patients, and chaos is inevitable.
    I tried looking for your email address, couldn’t see it, so will tell you something else while I am here. I wanted you to know how touched I was to read your last comment on my blog. Talk about a bright light in the fog – for a blissful moment, you were it and I wanted to thank you for that. You made me realise that I am a good parent and that I did put my child first, when until then I had felt very selfish indeed. I cannot express what a difference that made to my outlook – and I have stored that comment in a special place for reference on bleak days in the future. Thank you again for your empathy, on so many levels. I am also sorry for your loss late last year. X

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