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OB Visit #2

It was a strange sort of appointment.  I guess it always was going to be.  Sparky was hours older than Blobby got to be, plus I was quite worked up about not having my green discharge question answered the week before.  As I waited for the lift at my office to take me down for the walk to the OB, I could feel my blood pressure rising.  Ugh.

He started off asking me if a midwife had phoned me with the NT results, but I was so tightly wound up about my green discharge call I had a bit of a rant.  Then realised what his question was, got embarrassed, and back-peddled to say yes, I was phoned about the NT results and told Sparky was low risk of having Down.  He told me the numbers – 1 in 2,700-something for T21 and 1 on 4,080-something for T18.

He took my blood pressure; still  on the high side of normal.

Then he did a quick scan.  I get extra nervous that something’s wrong the closer I get to a scan so had already told my husband I was worried Sparky wouldn’t have a heartbeat.  But he/she did.  And a head.  The OB’s office scanner is pretty bad, but even I could see the pixels moving that meant the heart was going.

Then it was back to the chair to talk through some other things.  Apparently one of my blood tests showed raised sugar levels, so instead of doing a glucose challenge test at 28 weeks he’s going to have me do the full-on fast test at 20 weeks.

And since my blood pressure is still high-normal, he wants to check it again soon and if it’s still high put me on a low dose of high blood pressure medication (he mentioned which one it is, but I forget).  He says blood pressure tends to rise later in pregnancy, and if I start a low dose now I’ll have fewer side effects than if it gets high later and I need the medication.  And he says it’s a drug that’s been around a long time and is known to be safe in pregnancy.  He wants to see me in 2 weeks instead of 4, which I actually like.  Maybe I should run up the stairs on the way to the next appointment to ensure my blood is high and he sees me fortnightly rather than monthly!

However I do find it all soooo depressing.  I traded my health for a billion rounds of IVF, and now I’m not healthy enough for poor Sparky?!

Sorry – I wrote this quickly Friday but somehow didn’t publish it.  I think I had too much on my mind!

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  1. a
    21/02/2011 at 11:17 am

    Do you think you have white coat syndrome? You know, where the minute you’re in the doctor’s office, your blood pressure skyrockets due to past stress? Can you get your blood pressure done elsewhere between visits (we have blood pressure machines at almost every pharmacy here in the US)?

    Glad to hear the scan went well. Sorry to hear that your blood sugar is slightly elevated but that can be controlled through diet if it’s mild. I thought you said you were eating lots of bread since that was all that sounded good, but maybe by now you’ll be back to eating more of a variety.

    All in all, things sound pretty good – I know it still seems like one thing on top of another, but progress is being made.

  2. 21/02/2011 at 12:41 pm

    You ARE healthy. Elevated glucose isn’t uncommon in pregnant women … nor is high blood pressure. Remember, pregnancy does wacky things to your body, too. It’s a pain in the arse to have to medicate yourself after IVF, but it’s all to help your body maintain equilibrium during a difficult journey. Take a deep breath … and maybe find a good yoga studio, too. 🙂 You are taking good care of your little light.

  3. Still A Guest Room
    21/02/2011 at 12:48 pm

    Glad to hear about the good scan and NT results, and hoping your blood pressure gets better.

  4. 21/02/2011 at 1:06 pm

    So glad you got to see that heartbeat and little head. I think Sparky would be stoked if she/he was aware of all the IVF you’ve put yourself through to get to this point. Hope the blood pressure settles down, but that you get to somehow keep up the more regular appointments!

  5. 21/02/2011 at 3:08 pm

    I wonder if the first commenter is on to something. Your doc took your blood pressure right before a scan, which for me at least, is the MOST stressful part of the whole stressful appointment. Of course, it’s good to know there is a medication that can safely help you with the blood pressure issue, but it would be interesting to check you numbers next time AFTER you see a healthy, perfect Sparky on the scan or what you’re not at the dr office at all.

  6. Anxiousmummy
    21/02/2011 at 5:19 pm

    I’m with Justine. You grow and eat your own veg most of the time ( I know not right now), which is very healthy. these issues that are cropping up can and will happen to ANY preggy chick, not just those who have done IVF. Love xxoo

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