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16: 40% of 40

16 weeks.  I’ve been fine this week, i.e. no vomiting or nasty cold.  I’m exhausted, can’t get much sleep, have reflux, have a constant mild headache, have trouble eating anything that isn’t plain pasta, and will be charged with the murders of people smelling of smoke and/or perfume.  However I expect that’s all par for the course.  Not fun, but nothing more than I expect.

Sometime in the last couple weeks I had a day or two when I actually had energy and thought I’d hit that 2nd tri energy boost people talk about, but it was a mirage.  I got the nasty cold and haven’t felt the energy again, even since recovering.

Exhaustion and lack of quality sleep seem to be to be the key problems; I know the more tired I am the worse other things get.  If I’m very tired, I feel nauseous again.  When I’m tired, I have less patience with my clingy husband and Velcro dog.  So I’ve decided to make Wednesday a sleep in day.  Unless I wake up and feel fine, my husband will not wake me up and I’ll sleep until I get up myself, then take the bus to work.  My manager is fine with this; I’m in the office longer hours than anyone else because of my husband dropping me off and parking logistics.  My manager is fairly understanding about lots of things; too bad he also has been quite gutless defending my work unit lately – a REALLY bad thing in this climate.  But I think a mid-week sleep in could help a lot.

I have my next OB appointment first thing on Friday morning.  I’m actually feeling much better about the idea of the high blood pressure meds.  I’m not as upset by the idea of needing them, and if it means I have fewer side effects if my blood pressure goes higher later then that’s good.  The possibility of GD still worries me as I’m still having trouble having anything other than very plain food.

I’m slowly finding things that are better for me and that I can stomach.  I have black beans in my slow cooker right now, and they seem to invite fresh veggies to go with them so much that I have no troubles.  I’ve been having them in cups of lettuce and with fresh tomatoes, both fresh out of my garden.  I just wish my corn was happier.  I’m a bit worried I might overwhelm the world with natural gasses at some point (so far I’m been fine), but at least it’s not plain pasta!  I’ll just keep away from naked flames just in case.

ONLY 23 DAYS TO WEIRD AL!!! I’m more excited about that than about the scan I’ll have the Monday after!

What I am taking:

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold 2 x daily
  • Low dose aspirin daily

It still feels strange to be taking such a small number of things!

Upcoming milestones:

  • 4 March: OB appointment
  • 9 March:  17 weeks.  For some reason I’m having an irrational fear about being 16 weeks, so I’ll be glad if I hit 17.
  • 24 March:  physio session (me); father’s session (the husband)
  • 25 March:  Sparky has 2nd row centre seats for THE AWESOME Weird Al Yankovic!
  • 28 March:  20 week ultrasound (2 days before I’m actually 20 weeks)
  • 16 July:  Antenatal class
  • 19 July:  Doctor’s session
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  1. a
    02/03/2011 at 11:43 am

    Ahahahahaha! Natural gas! Staying away from open flames! Hilarious!

    Hope you get that 2nd tri energy boost soon – how are you going to rock out to Weird Al if you’re all dragging? Hope you enjoy your late morning and get all the rest you need.

  2. 02/03/2011 at 12:56 pm

    LOVE the idea of a mid-week sleep-in. 🙂 And black beans with fresh veggies sounds lovely … wishing I could bring over something you’d be able to stomach!

  3. 02/03/2011 at 1:10 pm

    40% baked! I like the sleep in wednesdays plan too. Very impressed that you’re eating lettuce and tomatoes from the garden – beautiful. We’ve got baby corn growing – that seems to go really well, except that I forget to harvest them when they are the right size and let the grow enormous.

    wishing you lots of sleep & energy xxx

  4. 02/03/2011 at 2:26 pm

    Love the mid-week sleep in plan…sounds fantastic! Hope that you do start feeling a bit better and get an energy burst! Will be thinking of you Friday and hope all goes well at your next appointment!

  5. Anxiousmummy
    02/03/2011 at 6:44 pm

    A sleep-in is a great idea, glad your boss is on board too! Black beans are legumes, right? They are a great food. LMAO about the natural gasses!! Try not to worry too much about the GD test, there is still some time. If you can get enough sleep maybe you could get out for a nice walk? Take care, (hugs) ❤

  6. Still A Guest Room
    03/03/2011 at 4:27 am

    Congrats on 16 weeks!

  7. 03/03/2011 at 2:01 pm

    Ive been AWOL for a while but just checked back in and thrilled to see you are so far along! Do what you need to do to look after the two of you and hey….congrats!

  8. 03/03/2011 at 4:11 pm

    Well it’s about time you got a break from feeling awful! And hooray for only having a few more days to get past the 16 week mark you’ve been nervous about.

  9. 03/03/2011 at 6:04 pm

    Bestest of luck for tomorrow’s scan. And really hoping that glowing 2nd trimester arrives for you very soon.

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