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24: 60% of 40 (plus 2 days)

24 weeks and 2 days.  These past few weeks have been hard for blogging, and I seem to always be posting behind.  This week it’s a combination of having a nasty cold (I think all my abdominal muscles are ripped to shreds, but those pelvic floor muscles are like steel girders) and my house still being in such chaos I didn’t know where my modem was!

Floorboards.  Sorry, I still haven’t posted photos.  With this nasty cold I’ve not done much around the house at all, so not much has been done.  We put everything away without cleaning it first because we knew the sanding of the floorboards would just get everything filthy again, so have to clean everything before putting it back.  And even without dust I’m doing nothing but hacking up lungs, so can’t do any cleaning.  I’ll get there – one day.

Glucose Tolerance Test/Yesterday’s OB Visit.  I was worried about doing the glucose tolerance test and other blood tests just after the Easter long weekend (I was NOT a good girl), but apparently my test came back EXCELLENT!  My OB mentioned that that’s really impressive considering I’d failed a fasting test not long ago, and I was puzzled.  He’d made a similar reference to this before, and I’ve never in my life had a blood test I had to fast for.  So I told him this, and he looked things up and that stupid, stupid GP that had stressed me out about my blood pressure a couple months ago and tried to order all the pathology in the world for me had confused him.  GRRH.  He’s been emphasising and harping on it on the basis of misreading her referral letter.  Annoying, however I don’t care: my bloods were excellent.  No gestational diabetes and great blood count.  AND no high blood pressure!  He still seems worried I’ll get it, but told me some signs to look out for and said we’ll keep monitoring it.  Sparky’s measurements were all right on track for 24 weeks and is estimated to be approximately 660 grams.  He’s sending me for a ‘well baby’ scan with the specialist sonographer, which excited me when he told me about it as we weren’t expecting another scan there.  Of course after I left it made me paranoid that maybe ‘well baby scan’ is code between OBs and the sonographer that he’s worried about Sparky, but you have to expect some neurosis from me or I wouldn’t be me.

Whale class.  No, not the history and social impact of killing whales on the development and demography of Hobart Town; antenatal aqua aerobics.  I’ve had two classes so far, and they’re not bad.  There are two instructors: one seems really into the subject of ante- and postnatal exercise; the other likes to chat to whales in water.  Maybe that’s unfair, but I’m trying to address an imbalance.  We alternate between instructors, and the instructor we had the first night I was there was excellent.  We had a great workout but also got a lot of useful info.  She’d just been to a fitness instructor’s workshop on the mainland and had picked up all sorts of information and heard about interesting new research.  Then this week’s instructor poked fun of the other instructor as she’d given her lots of brochures she’d picked up.  Whatever.  I was surprised at how much most of the other whales in the class complain about actually doing any exercise; what are they there for?  I can think of better situations to sit around and chat other than in swimming costumes sitting in slightly chilly water.  The class starts out in the lap pool, first with us walking back and forth in the shallow end (carefully avoiding the moment we have to get our boobs into the water as it’s a bit chilly).  Then we move to the deeper end of the lap pool and use noodles and floaty ‘dumb bells’ to do various things I’m only just coordinated enough to manage.  Then we move to the hydrotherapy pool, where lots of chatting happens while we do pelvic floor exercises and maybe a few other stretching exercises.  And that’s pretty much it.  One of the other whales is a doula and has some interesting things to add.  I was pleased that when we were doing introductions last week, she had positive things to say about my OB (she didn’t mention any other one except to say about one ‘oh, he’s quite conservative’).  For example she said Warren has great, up-to-the-minute induction methods that really work with how the body does things naturally.  She said other things that went right over my head, but it sounded positive.  I still feel like the new girl in class; most of the others have known each other for weeks or months.  Whatever.

Baby and Kids Thing.  I can’t remember what it was called at the moment, but I actually went to a baby and kids thing the week before last.  I went with a friend, which made it feel more social and less scary.  It was a market where mostly parents were selling off things their children had grown out of.  Some really just wanted to clean their houses out and making any money seemed a bit of a bonus to them!  I was hesitant to get things to start with; my husband was keener and feel in love with and bought a high chair.  I got into the swing of things I think because there were just such good bargains; I am, in essence, a tight-arse with money.  A lot of the things, especially for babies, I don’t think had even been worn.  And I could get into socks.  And was keeping my eye out for non-pink girl things for my friend’s bump occupant.  But I did get BAGS of things, which I’ve hidden upstairs in a wardrobe.  On Easter Monday we visited my in-laws, and just as we were leaving MIL gave me a bag of clothes.  At first I was sort of touched because she doesn’t seem to care at all about this grandchild.  Then she mentioned that actually it was all stuff she’d gotten for a friend who miscarried.  Thanks.  :-/

I’ve been so slack about blogging I know there are other things I should add, but for now that’s all I can remember!

Note: for some reason I’m not able to comment on any Blogspot sites today!  I have so much catching up to do and there is so much news, but I can’t comment!!!!  GRRH!

What I am taking:

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold 2 x daily
  • Low dose aspirin daily (OB said I’ll stop taking it sometime in the 3rd trimester)
  • Vitamin D

Upcoming milestones:

  • 24 May: ‘well baby’ scan
  • 25 May: 28 weeks (a random good sounding number)
  • 26 May: Next OB appointment
  • 13 June:  Queen’s Birthday
  • 22 June: 32 weeks (the earliest I could give birth at my chosen hospital)
  • 16 July:  Antenatal class
  • 19 July:  Doctor’s session
  • 17 August: 40 weeks
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  1. 29/04/2011 at 12:24 pm

    *Does happy dance* No GD which means lots of cakes and sweets! I’ll have to put a post up of a Greek sweet to tempt you! Sounds like you have been a busy bee and sorry to hear about your cold. It’s been doing the rounds. I’m snotty as I type! Hope the next milestones progress smoothly.

  2. a
    29/04/2011 at 12:28 pm

    28 weeks = viability, doesn’t it? Not a random number…

    I’m so with you on refusing to spend big dollars on stuff for a child who will outgrow it while I’m turned around for a minute. We bought a two year wardrobe for our daughter for $300, and we’ve sold off some of it. We’ll be having a garage sale next week to try and unload more.

    Congratulations on passing your glucose test! That’s fantastic news. Now all you have to do is help Sparky grow bigger every day. How is the worrying? Is it receding a bit?

  3. 29/04/2011 at 2:25 pm

    24 weeks!!! VIABILITY!!!! 24 weeks was that “magic” number they wanted me to reach with Trent…and you MADE it!!! woohoo! and i am jealous you don’t have GD!! I hate pricking myself 5x’s a day!

  4. Meg
    29/04/2011 at 10:46 pm

    Great news on the non-GD result! one less thing to worry about. Love hearing about the whale class, wish I’d been brave enough to do one like that, but the thought of me wearing swimmers, ergh! glad to hear good things about our obs!

  5. 30/04/2011 at 4:46 am

    Fabulous news on the blood tests! And I know how scary it is to start accumulating baby stuff, but it’s wonderful that you’re able to get such bargains.

  6. 01/05/2011 at 4:53 am

    hooray for passing the glucose test, boo for MILs who just don’t think, and too funny about the whales … I used to love swimming when I was pregnant, and I hope you enjoy the extra buoyancy, too!! Good for you, taking the accumulation plunge! Deep breaths, my friend. 🙂

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