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28: 70% of 40

NOTE: For some horrible reason, I can’t comment on Blogger/Blogspot blog posts or see password protected Blogger/Blogspot blogs.  I’m REALLY upset about this!!!!

28 weeks.  I think this week I’m allowed to say I’ve made it to the 3rd trimester?

Yesterday was the ‘well baby’ scan.  Sparky was stubborn and wanted to keep looking at my spine, but the technician persevered and eventually got the measurements and stuff.  He’s doing well – measuring consistently right where he should be for dates, etc.  The technician eventually got a few images of him; if you’d like to see them, they’re at the bottom of the ‘Images of Little Spark’ page.

There were two down sides of the scan.  Firstly, the technician was the one that did Blobby’s NT scan.  I like her A LOT, but when she asked us if she’d scanned me before (she remembered us but our previous measurements weren’t stored on her machine) I said what scan it was I cried a little.  And I don’t think they liked the look of my cervix.  Both the technician & doctor were there when they looked at the cervix – dildo cam action. She had me push down on my uterus while they took measurements.  They muttered together a lot during the cervix measurement – then the doctor asked me when I’m seeing Warren next then said something like ‘that’s good – there’s nothing we can do about it here’ then spent a bit of time telling me how good Sparky looks.  Looking at the images on the CD I was given, the cervical measurements they took ranged from 26.8mm to 19.3mm.  I don’t think that’s good??  I’m nervous about my cervix and can’t wait for my OB appointment tomorrow to find out what’s going on.  My hospital doesn’t have an NICU, so if something happens before 32 weeks I have to hope the Royal will take me.  The nurse I saw a billion years ago when I registered at Calvary said they ‘usually’ do.

With my cervix worrying me I’m now scared about being so unprepared.  Sparky’s room still has all sorts of non-Sparky stuff in it.  He doesn’t have a cot.  He doesn’t have much in the way of newborn clothes – and I don’t even know what size he’ll need.  I’m worried about being put on bed rest and not being able to deal with any of these things.

My hormones continue to rage. I have to travel to Campbell Town for work next week, and this has had me in fits of hysterical tears.  It’s normally a drive I’d do without thinking – 1 ½ hours if you get a REALLY slow run – but I can’t bear the idea of being that far from a hospital.  Plus once last year when I was travelling up the Midlands Highway I was almost hit by a truck passing over the double line on the outside of a bend.  To avoid the truck I braked and had to leave the road, and as soon as my back tyres hit the gravel I spun out.  Somehow I can to a halt between two trees without hitting either; I really don’t know how.  So I’m scared of travelling for work right now.  I’d already told my manager I wouldn’t do the testing or training I need to do up north or north-west.  I feel like a hysterical idiot now saying I won’t attend this meeting next week – and it’s frustrating because it’s a face-to-face meeting with people I’ve been TRYING to get any sort of meeting with FOREVER.  But I just can’t.  And if things aren’t going well with my cervix, I’m going to have to also say I won’t do training, which involves hauling around 20 laptops and standing in front of people most of the day.  Not an easy thing to do in an environment where they’re trying to revaluate the need for and redeploy staff.

Sleep is still difficult. My hips/thighs are SO painful at night, plus I have to constantly get up to have drinks of water and go to the loo.  I’m really good at lying awake and worrying too, but I always have been.  A couple months ago I decided that on Wednesdays I wouldn’t get to work on time; that I’d sleep in as long as I needed to.  I never have done that.  There always seems to be something going on, or I’m feeling guilty for having been out of the office for an appointment or for having a sick day or something.  Oh well – it was a good idea and made me happy to think about for a while, even if it never happened.  And to be honest even when I can sleep in I often have a lot of trouble doing it.  I did a great job Saturday and wasn’t out of bed until 10.  Then Sunday I was awake at 5 and never did get back to sleep.  Monday night I got to sleep after 11 and woke up at 3:15.  Last night was a long night for me, lasting from about 12:15 to about 6:15.  Oh well.

My big win this week was FINALLY getting my long service leave sorted out.  This has been a battle I’ve been going through since 2004.  But it means I’m not entitled to a year of maternity leave (12 weeks paid) and in the unpaid portion I can take annual leave and long service leave.  All I need is a live birth.

What I am taking:

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold 2 x daily
  • Low dose aspirin daily (OB said I’ll stop taking it sometime in the 3rd trimester)
  • Vitamin D

Upcoming milestones:

  • 26 May (tomorrow!): Next OB appointment
  • 13 June: Queen’s Birthday holiday
  • 22 June: 32 weeks (the earliest I could give birth at my chosen hospital)
  • 16 July: Antenatal class
  • 19 July: Doctor’s session
  • 17 August: 40 weeks
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  1. Anxiousmummy
    25/05/2011 at 9:27 am

    Ok I’m going to email you because this box could never contain what I need to say! Just got my hands a bit full. Love u 🙂

  2. 25/05/2011 at 10:15 am

    I understand your worry about the cervix but at this stage it is still ok, 2.5 cm is pretty common. However, like I said, I would also feel a bit uneasy, the important thing is how has it changed, how has it evolved? Now, about the sleep, are you allowed to swim? it puts me to sleep like nobody’s bussiness, I swim just before sleeping, between 9 and 10 pm. It is perfect. If I cannot sleep, then I take a cold shower.

  3. The Crazy Cat Woman
    25/05/2011 at 10:56 am

    It is just horrible to be left hanging with that comment about your cervix. I hope the time between now and your appointment tomorrow passes quickly. I think you should try not to worry about not fulfilling your work obligations as you feel you ought to – your health and little Sparky’s are far more important right now. Anyway, you must be finishing up at work pretty soon?

    Good luck for tomorrow. xx

  4. a
    25/05/2011 at 11:15 am

    Hurray for a (mostly) good scan! You just need that cervix to hold for a few more weeks. I hope you meant that you’re NOW entitled to a year of maternity leave…

  5. 25/05/2011 at 12:03 pm

    Ugh, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with worry about your cervix and am holding so much hope that your OB is able to offer you reassurance tomorrow. Welcome to the third trimester my friend!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way ((hugs))

  6. 25/05/2011 at 12:31 pm

    So glad Sparky is looking good, although I’d also be worried about the cervix after the way they went on about it. I don’t know about the numbers, but glad to hear you’re seeing the OB tomorrow. I’m totally jealous and excited for you though, you’re in the third trimester – huzzah! Glad to hear about the paid leave too, as that was worrying you. I wouldn’t worry about the baby stuff. All he needs when he’s born is you, and no doubt you’ll have countless visitors willing to stop in the shops and grab anything you need clothes-wise once he arrives.

  7. 25/05/2011 at 2:19 pm

    Awesome that Sparky is doing well. I hope your cervix is not much of an issue and Sparky can stay comfty for a few weeks longer. Try to not worry about work situations. Your health and your baby arriving safely is the uttmost important thing is your life right now. Work is not.

  8. Meg
    25/05/2011 at 7:57 pm

    I hear you on the work travel! I have to go to Launceston and Devonport and stay overnight when I’ll be 35 weeks. I don’t feel I can say no though. I have no idea what your cervix measurements mean either, please keep us posted on what Warren says. Xo

  9. 26/05/2011 at 12:37 am

    Hoping for good news today, or at least news that puts your mind at ease. You’s be surprised how little they need at first (despite what the baby stores try to sell you). Hang in there. Go, cervix.

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