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29: 72.5% of 40

29 weeks.  This past week has really been defined by lack of sleep and discomfort.  Although to me it doesn’t seem bump has gotten bigger, I suddenly feel the weight so much more in my legs and feet.  I’ve been accused of waddling.  Getting into the pool at whale class (antenatal aqua aerobics) is such a welcome relief; I can move but not feel all the weight.

Difficultly sleeping is really getting to me.  Since I get up a billion times during the night for loo breaks and to drink water, I never really sleep soundly.  and my hips hurt.  So if my husband snores, there’s no way I can sleep through it.  Sunday night/Monday morning was the worst.  He was snoring, so I escaped to the living room couch.  (I didn’t want to escape to our bedroom, upstairs, as then I’d have to navigate the stairs for each trip to the loo.)  After a while my husband realised I was gone so came out to check on me – and didn’t leave the door completely open when he left, so each time our old house breathed the door went bump, bump, bump.  Then Lottie was vocally upset that’d ‘abandoned’ her, etc, etc, etc.  It was quite a night, and by morning I’d had no rest and a huge headache. Ugh.  Monday night I made the husband sleep upstairs plus slept diagonally across the bed (so Lottie couldn’t climb up and hog it); last night he was in the spare room with me and didn’t snore, but I still didn’t sleep very well.

All this exhaustion is making it impossible to function at work, and this is a bad time not to be functioning.  My unit is suddenly the subject of an ‘organisational review’ with the aim of reducing the number of staff.  Awesome.  I’ve been one of those people to basically put her career on hold, waiting to find out if IVF would ever work.  And I’ve stayed with the state government because of the security it offered in comparison to the private sector, where I would have been paid much more.  Now I need that security, and it might be gone.

In Australia, 1 June is the first day of winter.  Which is freaking me out.  For better or worse, Sparky will be outside before the end of winter.  I know – in theory it’s long past time to accept that I might wind up with a real, live boy.  But it’s not coming easily to me.  However last week’s cervix scare and the start of winter are making me put pressure on myself to try to get organised – or at least think about getting organised.  My husband is still nesting away like a mad man; he bought a couple heaters and a new island thingy for the microwave last week.  However he’s as practical as he has always been: he’s obsessed with a certain model of cot in a certain colour – which has to be ordered from the mainland and is on backorder.  This is fine if Sparky respects his due date, but I never expect things to go ‘normally’.

At least it’s a beautiful winter so far:

Mt Wellington, 1st Morning of Winter 2011

Mt Wellington, 1st Morning of Winter 2011

And Sparky’s being a good boy and wiggling more.  Wiggling = good.

What I am taking:

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold 2 x daily
  • Low dose aspirin daily (OB said I’ll stop taking it sometime in the 3rd trimester)
  • Vitamin D

Upcoming milestones:

  • 10 June: Next OB appointment (but with Lisa Turner instead of my normal OB)
  • 13 June: Queen’s Birthday holiday
  • 22 June: 32 weeks (the earliest I can give birth at my preferred hospital)
  • 16 July: Antenatal class
  • 19 July: Doctor’s session
  • 17 August: 40 weeks
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  1. Meg
    01/06/2011 at 3:51 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear sleep is not happening for you! I can only imagine how hard that is making your days. Here’s hoping it’s just a phase and shortly you’ll start sleeping like a log. Congrats on 29!!

  2. a
    01/06/2011 at 11:58 pm

    Sleeping difficulties are the worst! I hope you can manage to find something that works for you. My husband took to the spare room for the last bit of my pregnancy because I was the one snoring and he was the easily disturbed sleeper. I’d go to bed with him in there, and then go to my own bed after the first bathroom break. Unfortunately, you mostly just get used to being a zombie all the time, instead of being able to get more sleep. 😦

    Sorry to hear that your job is full of pressure these days…

    June 1 is the first day of winter? How odd – we go by solstices and equinoxes here. It probably makes more sense to go by the calendar.

    There is surprisingly little that you actually need for a newborn, so if you don’t nest, it’s not a big problem.

  3. 02/06/2011 at 4:58 am

    Sorry to hear about the sleep problems and sore hips. You’ll probably actually sleep BETTER once you have a newborn! For now, I hope you can find some way to get a bit more sleep to you can enjoy waddling around with your wiggler on board.

  4. 02/06/2011 at 10:58 am

    Oh my friend I hear you on the lack of sleep!!! I also get up about 6-8 times a night to go to the bathroom lately so rarely get “good” sleep but somehow it seems my body is beginning to adapt to this, I suppose in a way it’s helping to prepare me for the sleep deprivation that will come with baby. Glad you’re feeling lots of movement, always so reassuring! Continuing to think of you & send love and hope that all will continue smoothly! Won’t it be crazy if both of us make it to full term this time?!

  5. 06/06/2011 at 4:46 am

    Ugh … I’m sorry about the job worries, at such a bad time … not that there is ever a good time. But glad that Sparky is doing what he’s supposed to.

    I slept mostly upright on our couch for the last month … it was better for all of us!

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