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All Clear – Again

I think Sparky thought the trip to the hospital on Saturday was fun, so unfortunately it was repeated again on Sunday.  This time I had a big chunky clot, then mucus.  Blergh.  I phoned the hospital, and the nurse told me to come in.  We went on monitors, I had to play my pseudo-video game of trying to keep a good lock on Sparky’s heart rate while he danced all around my uterus, and we were eventually declared fine and sent home to rest.  Again I had my ‘normal’ high end of normal heart rate while in a birthing suite hooked up to monitors.  Very please with self.

In the birthing suite

In the - ACK!!!! - birthing suite again

The nurses on Saturday were nice, but the one on Sunday was SO NICE.  I’m considering kidnapping her until Sparky comes.  She’s one of those people who can do things for you and make you feel like it’s the biggest pleasure in the world for them to do it.  I’m one of those manic people who doesn’t easily sit back and let others do things for me – I straighten things in shops, etc – but this nurse made it seem like she loved having us in for a visit.  Like the other nurses, when I was leaving she reassured me that if I was worried about anything I should call and they’d have me come in.  She went out of her way to say repeatedly that they would much rather I visit daily than sit at home worrying.  I felt very cared for.  And what the hell – because Warren’s been worrying about my blood pressure for the past 22 weeks we haven’t alternated appointments between him and the midwives in the maternity unit.  So unfortunately if things keep going like this I’ll get to know them by popping in to be monitored.  I hope not; it’s very sick-makingly stressful.

I had my normal appointment with Warren this afternoon.  I’d had a little more spotting this morning – but I think obviously old and not bright red blood.  Warren doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about at all.  Says it could be a small edge of placenta releasing a little blood, but in the ultrasound the placenta still looks great.  It could be that the low dose aspirin I’m still on is making it persist a little, but he expects it to stop.

Other than that the appointment was all routine.  Sparky’s about 1.8-1.9 kilograms now, and his heart rate and growth are right on.  My heart rate was still in the high side of normal, but that’s my normal.

Sparky’s estimated weight progress:

  • 10 June: 1.5 kgs
  • 20 June: 1.8-1.9 kgs
  1. 20/06/2011 at 5:27 pm

    I know it’s early days yet, and I’m not actually speaking from any sort of experience, having never gotten that far myself, but I’ve heard talk of some disgusting mucus plug that appears some time before birth – couldn’t some of that grossness you’ve been experiencing be that? Although, I suppose the medical professionals would have mentioned it if that were the case…

    It’s great that you’re getting all these practice runs in before the big day though, get the nurses to recognise you and work out the best parking spots and closest vending machines and all that jazz so you’re ready when Sparky is actually coming. Surely that’s what he had in mind when he was prompting these impromptu hospital visits. It’s great that you’re able to pop into the hospital as needed since you’re not getting quite as much attention from the OB as you might like.

    That’s great news about your blood pressure too! Last thing you need right now is something else to worry about. Things are looking good and you’re getting so close now!

  2. sienna
    20/06/2011 at 9:27 pm

    yaay for great nurses who makes us feel cared for. i couldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without the nurses at my dr’s office. it got to the point where i just said my first name when they called and that was all that was necessary. clots/mucous are never fun, but i’m glad you got the reassurance you needed. xoxo.

  3. Natalie
    21/06/2011 at 3:48 am

    Glad to hear that things are still going okay even if they are stressful right now. I’ll keep thinking of you and hoping for good news.

  4. a
    21/06/2011 at 8:23 am

    Kidnap that nurse immediately! I’ll tell you – having the right nurse can make your day, and having the wrong nurse can ruin it.

    I too was thinking mucous plug, but surely all of those medical professionals taking stock of the situation would have mentioned it. Regardless, I’m glad to hear that Sparky is dancing away and that no one thinks there’s a problem. And if you have to turn up for monitoring every day – so be it. You’re almost done with work anyway and you’ll need something to do with your time. 🙂

  5. 21/06/2011 at 11:04 am

    Egad. I agree … turn up for monitoring if it’s helpful! I hope that the bleeding stops and you don’t have a reason to do so, but it’s better to feel cared for. Keep breathing, friend. One day at a time. Walk on the beach. Look out at your garden. He’s almost here, and I’m sending so many thoughts for a safe arrival …

  6. The Crazy Cat Woman
    21/06/2011 at 1:40 pm

    Hi! Just catching up on your blog after a couple of weeks away. This all sounds very stressful but it sounds like you’re coping with it remarkably well. Hope the bleeding stays away. Not long now ’til you get to meet little Sparky!

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