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Scott Free!

My husband finally went back to work on Monday.  Yeah, I know, I think I’m supposed to be upset and maybe freaked out.  I was a little on Sunday – especially with this breast refusal and pumping palaver – but really it’s great!  I can admit here that he was getting on my nerves a bit.  He didn’t always do things quite how I wanted to and didn’t prioritise doing the things I did want.  I won’t whinge about it too much here, but it has been good!

I make certain I get out of the house every day.  Monday I actually got out twice – in the late morning to visit with another new bloggy mum and in the afternoon to meet a friend at the dog park.  Yesterday I got to the shops for some errands then visited a friend who just got back from overseas.  Thursday I have a friend’s retirement lunch then the 8 week visit to the CHAPS nurse (8 weeks?!).  Friday I have an appointment to see my ob around lunch – so will also have lunch with my husband – and in the evening I’m hosting a geocaching event.

Unfortunately today’s outing will be to the breastfeeding clinic to see the lactation consultant yet again.  I was embarrassed to phone this morning, but what the hell – that’s what they’re there for!  The last time Eskil breastfed was just after his tongue tie was snipped.  It was done in the breastfeeding clinic and the lactation consultant wasn’t on but he just went almost immediately on and had a really good suckle.  WHY does he do it so well there but won’t at home?!?  Anyway, going to go for another try – and luckily my favourite lac consultant is on today.  I love them all, but this is the one I dreamed was Mary Poppins and visited for night feeds.

The friend I met for coffee on Monday lent me a pump that can be used out and about.  Part of me is thinking of just forgetting trying to get EM onto the breast and just pumping exclusively.  I’m not as stressed out by the whole business as I was – I had some REALLY low points early on – but it takes so much time to attempt the breast, then when that fails pump (at least half and hour) then feed.  And some of the things I’ve tried to do take lots of time.  The Australian Breastfeeding Association recommends having skin-to-skin with your bub before they’re hungry, then staying like that until they are hungry and find their way to the breast.  This worked brilliantly the first time I tried it; I thought things were sorted and another few goes he’d be accustomed to the boob.  But then the next time I tried it, he found his way to my breast but then just carried on like it was a monster.  Brilliant.  And since he sleeps REALLY soundly when we have skin-to-skin, trying this took over 4 hours each time.  If I thought it would get us to the breastfeeding goal it would be worth the time, but NOT if it’s not going to!

It’s spring here, and the days are slowly getting longer and warmer.  When planting new veggies in my garden I’ve looked forward to the time in a few months when EM will start mashes; I’ve planted more carrots, some peas, and other mash-friendly things.

My dog continues to be lovely with him, although she has started to be a little jealous.  When one of us is leaning over him, she’ll just get her body between and move our hand with her head or paw so it is patting her.  But mostly she’s quite happy and a bit protective of him.
Where's Eskil?!

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  1. a
    28/09/2011 at 11:37 am

    Great picture! Yeah, husbands are helpful, but they never do things the way you would. And everyone knows that mother knows best…so what’s their problem??? Wait until Eskil can play more – you’ll really see a difference in styles then.

    Getting out of the house is a good idea – it’s easy to spend all your time trying to figure out something as frustrating and time-consuming as breast feeding. Making getting out and about a priority will probably help ease the frustration.

    I’m so impressed that you’re sticking to the breastfeeding in spite of all the challenges. I hope your little guy gets with the program!

  2. 28/09/2011 at 1:22 pm

    How frustrating. I hope the lactation center can help get Eskil on track with breastfeeding. I’m so impressed with your tenacity. My Anastasia and I have had a rough start with breastfeeding thanks to a stubborn case of thrush, but I think we finally got it beat. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to do something so “natural”!

  3. 28/09/2011 at 11:26 pm

    cool pic! at first I didn’t notice the baby, though – I though he’s doing the dishes or something 😉

    I hope your lac consultants will be able to help you and resolve this whole thing once and for all

    say, what’s the matleave policy in Australia? How much do moms/dads get off work? Do they get paid? I am curious.

    • 29/09/2011 at 10:44 am

      I work for the Tasmanian state government so get 12 weeks of paid mat leave; you can take up to 12 months with unpaid leave. Federal government also gives a certain amount (can’t remember how much – I haven’t applied yet). I also have annual and long service leave saved up so basically will be paid my entire year off!!!

  4. 29/09/2011 at 11:24 am

    in Canada you get 50 weeks of matleave with your job held for you; the government pays you sort of an employment insurance which is 55% of your salary or up to $1700 per month after taxes, whichever is more

  5. 29/09/2011 at 12:10 pm

    You are doing marvelously … congrats on flying solo! I’m impressed by your tenacity and willingness to pump entirely if you need to … hopefully EM gets the hang of breastfeeding, though. It *does* take time … and he’s clearly capable!

  6. 02/10/2011 at 4:01 pm

    Like all your other posters, I’m truly impressed with your perseverance with this BF thing and as you are working so hard at it I really hope it comes together for you. I’m pleased that it’s not causing you quite as much grief now and I’m sure you’ll be fine if you end up giving it up for good, but if anyone deserves to get it sorted out it’s you! Poor husbands…they try their best but silly buggers just can’t get it quite right hey? That’s great that you’re getting out so often and that you & Eskil are getting into a groove together.

  7. 02/10/2011 at 10:09 pm

    I think it is great that you are going on with the EBM feeding, I wish I could give that to Emma. So what if he does not like to suck? I say keep pumping and you are providing him with good nutrition, let the kid do what he wants to and enjoy him. some babies just don’t like the breast that much, for a variety of reasons, perhaps the tongue tie was part of it, perhaps he just does not like it and that is it. Why agonize over it? but keep on with trying for as long as you have the patience to do so, and when you feel like giving up, do it without guilt, you are already better off than I am. I hate having to give her formula when she is so young and does not tolerate it that well.

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