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It’s Nap Time In the Car Seat!

Which means I have a bit of time (hopefully) to write a post answering some of the questions my last post raised.

Yes, I willabsolutely reduce milk production gradually.  I sort of kinda already have.  I used to make around a litre a day, and now I make around 700-800 mls per day.  And I’ve reduced the number of times per day that I pump to 3.  However I find it really hard to come to terms with stopping.  As much as I hate pumping, I hate the idea of stopping.

I’ll be changing Little Spark to organic, calcium fortified soy milk because of asthma in my husband’s family.  He has 3 older children.  The first two were started on cow’s milk at 1 year, and both have asthma.  The third wasn’t given cow’s milk until he was 2, and he doesn’t.  It could be coincidence, but if it won’t hurt him and might help I’m willing to try it.  The child health nurse and my doctor both recommended soy milk rather than goat or sheep milk.  I’m going to gradually switch him over, and if one day I couldn’t find goat milk I’d be a bit stuck and have to give him something he’s not used to.

I keep meaning to count my stash but keep forgetting.  Yesterday I put another 750 mls away!  I kinda like the idea of saving a bit for when he gets ill in case it helps shorten the duration of anything he gets.  Unfortunately when he goes into daycare I imagine he’ll get lots of bugs.

And zygotta, of course I know how much he drinks per day!  Do you think I’ve stopped being an obsessive, compulsive control freak?! 😉  I have an app on my phone, so know he varies between 500 and 700 mls – sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.  It’s quite a big variance, but it’s still all demand/baby lead/blah blah so I know he is getting what he wants.  Strangely enough the days he has lots of milk are also days he has lots of solids.  Just hungry days, not days he has more solid food to replace milk.  But I know how much milk he has had almost every day since he was born.  I could even export a csv from the phone app and make some charts, but that would be madness.

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  1. 13/06/2012 at 12:17 am

    haha, an interesting madness, though
    I mean, I don’t pump – so I have a very vague idea how much Timothy eats 🙂

  2. a
    13/06/2012 at 10:31 am

    You are too funny! I think you should make some of those charts up for the baby book!

    Better safe than sorry on the asthma front…

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