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New Routines

Sparky is, unbelievably, 5 1/2 years old. Our school year has just started, and this year his is in Prep and will go to school 5 days per week. Last year, for kindie, he went 5 days per fortnight.

So I was in the office this morning before 8 am starting my new routine. Rather than having 3 full days of work and 2 days at home alone with my boy, I’ll be starting early and leaving early. This means that I’ll be able to pick him up from school most days, so we’ll still have afternoons together.

It also means a lot of bustling around. There’s 5 days of needing to be places on time, and the afternoon pick up time is more critical than it used to be. I want my face to be there when the classroom door opens. I want Sparky to know that I’m there for him.

In all the bustle of our changing schedules and new plans I haven’t lost sight of the fact this all means he’s growing up. Time is passing. It feels that opportunites are missed. I’m thankful for this time with him, but it is going by so fast.

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  1. a
    15/02/2017 at 11:14 am

    Full time school! How exciting (for him)! He’s going to continue to grow up, though. 😦

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