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That Worked Well!

Writing out a list, asking hubs and the boy what should be added, then asking who would do each task certainly worked! I still spent more time working over the weekend, however my husband took charge of a few major tasks – although he downgraded some – and my son joined in.

For some reason, the first major thing I tackled over the weekend was my son’s room. I had it down as an ‘optional’ task as it doesn’t impact the dogsitters, but his room has been a pitt of untidiness for a long time. Somehow we managed to get it into some sort of order before noon on Saturday.

The dogsitters arrive on Thursday evening, and we fly out Friday morning. To complicate matters I have house guests from Tuesday to Thursday, but I’ll get through it. Perhaps without as much perfection as I’d like, but through it I will get!

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  1. a
    05/04/2017 at 3:55 am

    Hurray for delegating! See? It doesn’t hurt… 😀

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