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Unexpected Conversations

A couple months ago we were on a family bushwalk (I’d bribed Sparky with the promise of chocolate to get him to actually walk). At some point during the walk, Sparky asked me if I’d ever had other babies. I try to be truthful about things with him, so I told him that yes, I had had another baby but he was born too early and died.

I remember the little bit of silence after as he pondered this. I remembered the other group of bushwalkers that overtook us at this moment and probably heard the conversation, and I wondered what they thought.

Eventually Sparky spoke: do you think Hulk Smash could beat Superman? Can Hulk Smash pick up the whole world?

There may be questions later when he has digested the information, but I don’t think being truthful with Little Spark has traumatised him.

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  1. a
    05/04/2017 at 3:57 am

    I have those same kinds of conversations with my daughter on difficult topics. She asks what she wants to know. She listens til she hears everything she wants to know. Then she changes the subject. Knowledge can be traumatic, but I think it mostly depends on how it’s acquired.

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