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Recently we had to scramble assembling documentation revisiting past tax years (no problem with us – so don’t worry about that process).

Of course some of the documentation was statements from Medicare and our private health fund, and the years we had to go back through were years with lots of AR procedures. When I was requesting documents and saying the years I was pretty good. I was concentrating on the list of documents I needed, and they were from a wide range of sources.

But then I had the Medicare and private health statements in my hands. I saw those big numbers, and I couldn’t help remembering what they stood for. Luckily I’m Australian, so they didn’t stand for a huge debt, but there is still an emotional debt. There are still so many embryos I wished a long life for. Still so many EDDs that I pretended to myself I wasn’t calculating. So many moments of physical pain as well as years of emotion pain.


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  1. a
    14/06/2017 at 5:31 am

    It’s so unfortunate when files become emotional. 😦

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